With Thanks To

With thanks to all meet volunteers including
Meet Director: Jon Torrance
MCBQ Liason: Bill Wright
Registrar: Aaron Linville
Basemaps: Jon Torrance & Greg Lennon
Mappers: Francis Hogle (fieldchecking); Tom Strat & Jon Torrance (drafting)
Chief of Courses/Vetting: Paul Hession
Course Design: Videlin Aleksiev (Day 1); Sidney Sachs (Day 2) with assistance from John Organek and Chuck Ferguson
Chief of Timing: Valerie Meyer
Co-Chiefs of Logistics: Michael Dickey and Bob Rich
Co-Chiefs of Starts: Dasa Merkova and David Onkst
Chief of Hospitality: Dasa Merkova
Chiefs of Promotion: Greg and Kathleen Lennon
Chief of Volunteers: Heidi Onkst
Chief of Safety: Bill Wright
Chief of Finances: Vic Culp

... and more yet to be recognized.

With Special Thanks To
Prince William County Convention and Visitor Bureau
United States Marine Corps
Orienteering USA
EX2 Adventures