Rules & Awards

The Quantico Classic will be governed by the OUSA Rules of Competition, A.20. Note that whistles are required to be carried by all competitors.

All regular adult OUSA courses/age classes will be offered and will receive awards based on the combined times from both days. Junior classes on offer will be those specified in the OUSA rules specific to the Junior National Championships. OUSA championship medals will be awarded for all eligible competitors in those classes. A current OUSA membership is one of the conditions required for championship eligibility; see the OUSA membership page to become a member and the OUSA Rules of Competition, A.12 for General Eligibility and Championship Eligibility.  

Embargo Details
For the sake of competitive fairness and in accordance with OUSA rules, the race venue is embargoed until the competition, i.e. people wishing to retain eligibility for competitive awards may not visit the terrain before the event.

QOC is a non-federal entity. It is not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no governmental status.